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Bec de Canard

This propeller has been developed for the racers. It’s folding blades join minimum perfectly in order to produce a minimum drag. Our production range fits the major engines used by the racers. This propeller is delivered furnished with mounting tools. When sailing, a monobloc propeller slows down a yacht much more than people imagine. Resistance test have shown that a 2 blades fixed propeller gives 10 times greater drag than a folding propeller. A 3 or 4 blades propeller, will reduce a yacht’s speed even more. The folding propeller blades fold together when sailing. The result: miimum resistance.

Construction details
Material: Ni-Br-Al.

They provide you with a long life minimum maintenance. the propeller is manufactured with geared blades which are always closing simultaneaously, thus giving the following advantages:- No vibrations ahead and astern as the blades move symmetrically. Always closed when sailing, elastic band unnecessary. Our FH BC racing folding propellers are avaiable in both RH and LH rotation.

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