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SDS – Surface Drive System

SDS is a complete propulsion package tha includes:

  • Drives
  • Propellers
  • Hydraulics and steering equipment
  • Emergency back up system
  • Cardan shafts
  • Coupling flanges
  • Indicators and sensor

With perfomance reliability. Low maintenance cost

  • 15 % speed increase
  • Tremendous steering capacity at high speed
  • U turn in less than 2 boat lenghts
  • The ability to used the boat in shallow water
  • Guaranteed prformance
  • The reduction of maintenance cost
  • The opportunity to carry out the maintenance by oneself without qualified engeneering
  • The small amount of spare parts to keep in the inventory
  • A world wide assistance in 24 hours for spares and technicians

Integrated Control Panel

Hydraulic Unit

Trim Sensor

Each set of drives provided with complete installation manual, on request the installation can be made by SDS technicians. For shipyards a special training on site is priovided with the first installation. The constant effort in research and deelopmet carried by Boat Propulsion has improved the efficiency of the surface propellers by 10% during the last decade. The total overall propulsive coefficient can reach up to 70% when the application is under the control of the Boat Propulsion engineering team. The new serie FH5 SSP show an efficiency above 75% in cavitation tunnel test. With the Surface drive system all of the vital componenys are protected from salt and water corrosion. All of the cables, sensors, hydraulics, hoses, and electric connections are situated inside the engine room, away from he harsh marine environment. All of the bronze aluminium and stainles steel. Materials are cast and machined with NATO classification.

For further information contact us with our Surface Drive System datasheet with your’s boat informations.

MSurface Drive System Datasheet

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