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FH 50

3 bladed propeller, typically used for slow cruisers. Low consumption of fuel and high efficiency for speed up to 14 knots. Good manoeuvrability. Antisinging edge which runs in silence at low revolutions. The best speed/cost ratio. Used extensively for moderate powered craft when cavitation is not a factor.

For further informations contact us with our propellers datasheet.

Standard Propellers Datasheet


N. of blades: 3

B.A.R.: 50%

Rake: 4°

Materials: Bronze Manganese / Ni-Br-Al (by request)

Availability in stock: 12” to 26” up to 60”

Conicity: European and American standards

P/D ratio: da 0.5 a 0.8/1

Class: ISO 484/2

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